Getting There

Currently the easiest way to get directly to Belize from the UK is via the US. Gateway cities include Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Newark, Charlotte and Denver.

Flights to Belize from the UK involve a night stopover in US on the outbound journey. Return journeys to UK involve a connecting overnight flight.

Flying via Miami is the shortest flying time, approx. 9 hours from Heathrow and approx. 2 hours onward flight from Miami to Belize City.

Flights can vary considerably in price and are currently from £850 to over £1,000 per person for an economy ticket, depending on route, airline and availability. Best flight options departing UK are from London Heathrow, there are options from regional airlines via Amsterdam or Paris.

Alternative Routes

Via Guatemala

A popular route includes connecting to Guatemala City via a US city or Madrid on the same day and spending at least one night in either Guatemala City or the beautiful Antigua before flying to Flores in northern Guatemala and travelling on to Belize. At Naturally Belize we can arrange itineraries that include a holiday combining Guatemala with Belize, please email us at for a suggested itinerary via this route.

Via Cancun, Mexico

An alternative route to Belize is to fly into Cancun in Mexico. British Airways fly direct to Cancun from London Gatwick 2 or 3 times a week (approx. 11 hour flight time).

From Cancun we can arrange for an air-conditioned private transfer across the Mexican border to Corozal (approx. 5 hours) or onto Belize City after an overnight stay in Playa del Carmen or Tulum on the Yucatan peninsula.

There are also domestic flights daily from Cancun to Belize City these are usually operated in Cessna 14 seater propeller planes and the flight takes approx. 90 mins. To include this route as part of a suggested itinerary please email us on

There are large, comfortable ADO air-conditioned buses that run regularly from Cancun and Playa del Carmen to Chetumal (north of Belize border) where we can arrange a private transfer across the border and on to any destination in Belize, or you can now take an overnight bus from Cancun bus station directly to Belize City.

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