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Glover's Reef Basecamp is a small camp of safari style tents at Glover's Reef Atoll. Group trips to the camp are run by the active adventure specialists Island Expeditions on set dates and are either a 3 day getaway or a 6 day trip that is combined with 1 day inland. This remote camp is situated 35 miles from the mainland and is on the tip of a small coral island called Southwest Caye at the southern end of Glover's Reef Atoll. The barrier reef is on one side of the island and a shallow lagoon 7 miles wide with hundreds of patch reefs on the other side. The island's remote location enables you to experience snorkelling a pristine underwater environment.

Rooms: are in simple safari style tents with wooden floors. The tents have ample headroom, either two singles or a double bed and a wooden stand with a kerosene lamp for the evenings. All the cabanas have large screen windows with flaps that can be closed and views across the sea. Outside each tent is a little decked area with two wooden chairs. Washroom and toilet is in a separate building towards the rear of the camp. The camp can accommodate up to 22 guests.

Dining: is done communally with guests and staff, meals are at set times and are served buffet style.

Onsite: Guests have unlimited access to double kayaks (outfitted with special sails), single kayaks, stand up paddle boards and snorkelling gear.

Nearby Excursions: Snorkelling trips form part of the itinerary and reefs are accessible by boat, kayaks or kayak sailing. Plenty of patch reefs are within the lagoon, or if the wind is blowing in the right direction then trips can occur outside the reef. Diving can be arranged with the neighbouring resort that has a PADI dive operation onsite.

Our Comment: These trips are a fantastic opportunity to stay on one of the more remote atolls, to fully appreciate the natural environment, see some incredible marine life and participate in some exciting water activities. We can tailor your holiday around the set date departures for the Glover's Reef Basecamp trips. *Note. the camps are not for everyone, accommodations are simple, water is limited and precious, toilets self composting and showers are freshwater. If you are interested in staying at Glover's Reef Basecamp we recommend calling us to discuss in more detail.

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