Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Orange Walk region

Jungle lodge set on the edge of a lagoon and close to Lamanai Mayan ruins. The Lodge is situated in a beautiful natural setting and surrounded by rainforest that is home to howler monkey troupes, keel billed toucans, leaf-cutter ants and a vast array of birdlife. The best way to arrive is by a guided boat journey down the New River to the lagoon, viewing nature and enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Rooms: are thatched cabanas overlooking the gardens or upgrade to one with a view of the lagoon

Dining: is inclusive and there are several options from an excellent menu. Meals are taken in cool, open restaurant with views of the lagoon.

Onsite: activities can include a choice of two each day from activities such as kayaking on the lagoon at sunrise, night spotlight river safari or a guided tour of nearby Lamanai Mayan ruins if booking an inclusive package.

Our Comment: We particularly like the fact that the lodge employs friendly, local guides that have an excellent knowledge of the rainforest and the wildlife that inhabits it.

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Our Hotel Rating

Rustically Comfortable

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